Teacher Training Area

Are you looking to improve your teaching skills? try one of our teacher training CPD or TESOL courses.

Our Mission The overall mission of INTESOL is to help people from a broad range of backgrounds achieve a varied and fulfilling lifestyle through teaching English and living abroad. Our aim is to help you develop and grow as a person by showing you how to become a confident, well-resourced, professional ESOL/EFL teacher. Through continuing research and development INTESOL seeks to be the world leader in quality TESOL/TEFL training; TESOL/TEFL training that takes into account the demands of every day life. We are ranked amongst the top TEFL course providers for the quality of our teaching so, whatever your reason for studying, you’ll find yourself in expert hands. With INTESOL you have the opportunity to gain your accredited TEFL certificate or by flexible online/distance learning..

Online INTESOL iClever Course

Our TESOL 150 is an ideal qualification to start you out in your new venture in teaching. The TESOL 150 consists of 5 modules, all can be run online at your own speed.


Our TESOL 190 is exactly the same as the TESOL 150, plus the 40 hours teaching practice observed by one of our TESOL tutors.. Our TESOL 190 will provide you with all the important skills for that ideal job.


Content Language Intergrated Learning is a CPD course offered by iClever Course for teachers wishing to learn the basic concept of CLIL with many activities and learning ideas.


Please contact: info@intesol.eu for more information