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Investment Smarts: Stocks & Bonds Ted Miller

Investment Smarts: Stocks & Bonds

Ted Miller

ISBN : 9780886465957
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You want a home of your own, an education for your kids, a comfortable retirement someday and a little fun along the way. These are the routine standard-issue dreams we all seem to have. To achieve them, we must become investors. Saving is the start but it isnt enough because you cant possibly earn enough interest to get you where you want to go - you need to be able to make sound, knowledgeable investments.Utilizing the full support of the Kiplinger.com website, this investment primer will show you how to:-- Set goals that excite you-- Control your risks-- Get the investment habit-- Diversify the smart way-- Get time on your sideThe result? An investment plan that you control, instead of one that controls you.