Business Courses

ESP English for specific purpose, if your an accountant, Dentist or Painter we have a solution for you.....

Study of Business English is a great way to improve and develop their existing skills in English. The course focuses on vocabulary, phrases, phrases and functional forms along with all the skills needed to pass the exam at the preliminary (B1) Anglia Business English Certificate Vantage (B2) or higher (C1) level. These skills include writing business correspondence, interaction in meetings, listening comprehension and presentation, as well as the use of language structures accurately. Real-life situations, entrepreneurial efforts and existing practices in the business world, our Business English courses are designed to stimulate and students who want to expand their practice language skills and gain a competitive advantage..

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Business Soft Skills

Christmas is the time of year we all love, our Christmas day theme is the most popular. Our teacher will not only teach the children new vocabulary, they will spend the day giving the children an insight to how Christmas can be fun with games in English and song which is more and more popular around the world. not forgetting the culture element between British Christmas and local traditions..

Telephone skills
Again Easter is a day for Children, with a focus on special easter activities such as egg painting, face painting, chocolate eggs etc... the teachers spend all day with creative activities for the children, new vocabs and song..

Meetings & Socialising
Halloween is a great day for all ages, the students get a chance to make masks, talk about scary stories, song and games, the teachers also work with the children with lesson plans designed just for halloween, new words for food, sweets, fancy dress and songs. they learn all about how children in the US & UK spend their day on halloween..